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How to choose a TV stand

How to choose a TV stand

A Guide To Choosing A TV Stand

Setting up a perfect entertainment center in your home should be a breeze in the park. However, there are a few things that you should know before you commit to spending on an actual stand for your TV. Among the key issues to address include;

  • How to measure a TV
  • Finding the actual width of your TV
  • Finding the TV stand height
  • Finding the TV stand width

How To Measure a TV

Contrary to a common misconception, a television’s advertised size is not reflective of its length nor its width which might give you the wrong measurements and the space that it actually takes up. When measuring the dimensions of a TV, the correct method is to use diagonal measurements. The diagonal is longer than either of the width or length and this can give you problems when you buy a stand tailored for its width or length.

Finding The Actual Width Of Your TV

It gets a little bit more complex after that because when buying a stand, it is imperative to note that the advertised dimensions only account for the screen itself and are not inclusive of the frame or rather the bezel. You can end up buying a stand that is much smaller than the TV, albeit by a few millimeters on either side. The downside to this is that it is not as stable and therefore easier for your TV to fall and damage. Professionals and manufacturers also discourage customers from using a stand that is of the exact dimensions.

Finding The TV Stand Width

The simplest method of taking measurements is to use a tape measure to get the width of your TV. To do this, you need to place the tape measure at the left or right edge and run it across the bottom of the TV all the way to the opposite edge. You should then proceed to buy a stand that has a larger width value than that of the TV’s even though it is by at least 4 millimeters on either side. This ensures that the TV has more stability than if it was to be placed on a stand that is of both the exact measurements or smaller ones.

Finding The TV Stand Height

It is a rule of thumb that the stand you buy should enable the center of the TV screen to be positioned either exactly or slightly below your eye level. This ensures comfort where you don’t have to strain your neck muscles while watching TV for long hours. For more insight on how to pick the right TV stand check out Tylko’s blog here

How to Choose a Modern TV Stand

How to Choose a Modern TV Stand

The use of TV Stands, is not new in the living room. For years we had the VCR, or television stand. In fact, if you owned a VCR you would know exactly what I am writing about. However, these days most people just own televisions. This is where TV stands were born.

TV Stands are simple, small tables which can be utilized to hang an in on them or even without a stand. They come in various sizes and are made from many different materials to hold various things from movies, book posters, cd’s, and game boards to playing cards and pencils. They can also be found in the modern style as well as the traditional type. One of the most popular modern types of stands are the floating shelves. These are the shelves that are suspended by a few weighty frames that keep the entire unit in place. It’s a much nicer look than the bulky stands that we used to have in our living rooms.

When it comes to contemporary designs most people go with the glass shelves. These shelves are modern, sleek and very sleek. You don’t have to worry about your television being damaged because the glass shelves are shatter proof. If you want to go with a more classic style, you can find shelves that match your modern TV stand like cherry or oak wood. These come in a plethora of colors, so you are sure to find one to match your existing room decor perfectly.

The last option for those who don’t like change is the modern design. These tv cabinets are perfect for people who want to get rid of the modern look but still keep their TVs safe. Some of the modern designs are made of clear glass and some are made of wood with metal supports to hold the tv. This cabinet design makes it very easy for you to organize your media devices.

All these modern designs have the same goal; to make it very easy for you to use your televisions. Your new modern tv cabinets will have all the drawers and shelves you could ever need. These modern designs are very sleek and you can bet that your televisions will be safe and sound. Your DVDs and CDs will also look great on these stands. There are a ton of different styles and materials to choose from so it won’t be hard finding one that will fit in with your overall home decor theme.

When you are choosing a tv stand you don’t have to spend a fortune. There are plenty of beautiful and affordable options for you to choose from. Your main consideration should be how well your TV works with the stand. Match the styles and materials that your tv stands are made of with the materials and colors that your other furniture is in.