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3 Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern Style

3 Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid-century modern decor goes with an understanding of its history to style your interior without looking messy. With the beautiful interior sets in a vintage home, including pastel pink sofas, graphics, and architectural style, your home will look fancy if they are blended with care.

So, let’s now look at the distinctive features for retro-modern style:

· Color

To perfect your mid-century modern home, first, choose the perfect color for your home. Don’t just get furniture and other graphics without planning your color schemes, as the results may not be adorable. Here, you can choose which furniture to match your interior wall color instead of changing the interior paints as it can be costly. A vintage home usually uses different colors, including bold to neutral colors and white and black for graphics.

Thus, you can give your home a decent accent by combing pale walls with bold and white colors. Ensure your color differ from the neutral walls and remains bright for a luminous view. If you don’t want to appear more traditionally, you can use tangerine orange, moss green, and mustard yellow as they are mid-century modern style colors.

· Lighting and materials

Mid-century modern design goes in hand with creativity by maximizing the natural light supply in the rooms by using large windows with light fabrics. With artificial lighting, a chandelier or any other light is hanged on above for sufficient room will be well illumination.

If you like, you can include floor lamps that correspond with the interior decor. Check on Tylko’s guide to mid-century modern (

About the materials, vintage home uses both traditional and non-traditional materials, including woods, glass, metal, Lucite, and plywood. For instance, you can acquire coffee tables made from Plexiglass as part of your furnishings and leather chairs for a stylish modern home.

· Furniture and art

Mid-century modern houses use vintage furniture made from wood that is charming and stylish. The designer doesn’t have to manipulate the furniture to match each other as that’s not important; what matters is their comfort, material, and structure. Vintage furniture should be comfy with slender legs and straight lines, where some come with an egg-like shape.

Ensure you include graphics and fabrics, as art is part of a vintage home. To be precise, at least have a piece of art in each room matching your color.

With careful mixing of the three features in your interior decor, you are assured of a retro-modern home.